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The Emery Group assists buyers,sellers and landlords. We offer staging and professional photography services as well as state of the art marketing

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Looking for land or rehab properties? Let us help with all aspects including financing, architects and excavation services. AND MUCH MORE!


Let our professionals find the perfect multi-familes, complexes or commercial properties for your portfolio.

Real Estate Services

Taking the stress out of finding the perfect property

The Emery Group prides ourselves on our diverse resources, including residential and commercial properties. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  We see diversity as our strength.. Our team has a great wealth of experience and know that, despite the complexity of the property market, there should be no mystery to the client.

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Property searches, submitting offers, qualifying to buy, closing costs have all changed dramatically over the past few years! Whether you have purchased in the past or are a first time buyer, education is key! The Emery Group will guide you through this complex process step by step.


How do I prepare my home for sale?  What are buyers looking for? How do I know what the best market price is?  What are my selling costs? Selling a home has become a complicated art form. The Emery Group will help you prepare your home & market your property to ensure the best possible price!

Rehab, Developing & Investing

In today’s world, many people are looking to expand their portfolios via real estate. Whether you are looking to rehab a property for quick sale or buy and hold an existing property or develop with new construction, The Emery Group has the expertise and resources!

Market Analysis

Buyersneed to know the market! Sales prices, safe neighborhoods, school ratings, commuter access, tax rates, community services, etc.
Sellersneed to know the market! What have homes in my neighborhood sold for? Did the have comparable square footages, beds & baths, acreage, age built, renovations? What is my home worth based on today’s sales? Is my home zoned for alternate use? What about septic updates?
Rehabneed to know the market! How do I figure me after rehab value? How do I figure my construction & holding costs? What should my time frame be? How do I find properties?
Developersneed to know the market! What are the zoning laws? Taxes? New home sales in the area? Upcoming community or market changes that may affect my property?
Conservation issues?
Investorsneed to know the market! Can I upgrade or expand this property? Does the neighborhood promote growth & expanding equity based on my goals? What is cap rate and how does it affect the price?

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